Why we fight

All Secure Foundation was founded by a Special Operation couple battling Complex PTS to help others in the fight by providing information and resources for healing. In addition, All Secure Foundation offers programs to Special Operations families developed in conjunction with leading experts and therapists that specialize in trauma, marriage and family.

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How we fight

All Secure Foundation uses an arsenal of tools, treatments and approaches to help our Special Operations Warriors and families heal from the ravages of PTS.

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100% of your donation goes directly to support our amazing warriors and their families heal. A special thank you to our administrative partner.

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PTS is not something that anyone should have to battle alone.

No warrior, no spouse, and no child. We are here to provide that support and we live by our motto, No One Left Behind.

Combat trauma, Occupational Stress Injury, Post-Traumatic Stress, whatever you label it, it is a serious issue that countless warriors and their families battle daily, sometimes hourly. This war is a silent war, often fought quietly behind closed doors, and the casualties are many.

Our Special Operations combat warriors face many issues when dealing with complex PTS due to prolonged exposure of war, the mindset and culture often do not support asking for help, so the warrior often tries to battle PTS alone with little to no help and few resources. Unfortunately, untreated PTS can get worse with time, not better, and healing takes time, effort, and patience on all parties.

Spouses and children of combat warriors often experience Secondary PTS from the anxiety, depression, anger, perfection-driven aggression, and sometimes violence that is brought into the home. Spouses and children with Secondary PTS often share the same symptoms that their warrior does and also have a higher suicide rate than civilian families.

All Secure Foundation will relentlessly pursue every healing modality to reduce warrior and warrior family suicides, and to aid in reconnecting and repairing warrior couples and family relationships post-deployment or post-service.