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A couple on the beach holding handsCouple holding hands on the beach

All Secure Foundation's Camp Homefront was one of the first Special Operations warrior couples workshops in the country specializing in results-driven tools and tactics to help couples reconnecting after living through the effects of war trauma and countless deployments apart.  

With the divorce rate soaring in the Special Operations community, coupled with the suicide statistic that 89% of war fighters take their lives after a family disturbance, we knew that it was critical to not just train the war fighter on how to come home, but to train the whole family unit creating positive generational impact.

Our small group sessions are led by Tom and Jen Satterly and ASF's marriage and trauma expert Stacey Stone (LCSW) who has decades of experience helping both the individual and the couple heal.

While our retreats fill up fast, you don't have to wait to work with one of our coaches. Please see our one on one coaching page for more immediate assistance.

If you qualify, please fill out the form below. Camp Homefront has limited availability. You will be contacted when retreat season is open to fill out forms and provide proof of service.

  • SOF combat deployed (can be active or a veteran)
  • SOF spouse or Gold Star Spouse.
  • No children are permitted at the retreat.
  • You and your spouse must be 25 years old+

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