Family Crest Heavy Metal T-shirt
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Family Crest Heavy Metal T-shirt

We are a family, a tribe. We are stronger together. This is our collective family crest. The ever watchful eagles takes flight to get a birds eye view of what’s a head, offering wisdom and protection for the whole family unit.


All Secure Foundation “Family Crest” T-shirt.

Super soft, vintage style, is now available!

Bear = both cuddly and ferocious as *f; represents the family protector,
Stag = peaceful and calm, noble and strong, will defend when provoked,
Shield Center stripe = roof of house; security and protection,
Double Axe = military service and sacrifice; both the warrior and their family,
Whale = patience and understanding,
Flaming Heart = love and devotion

100% of the proceeds goes benefits All Secure Foundation Special Operation warrior families.

Shipping: US Mail Priority.


$ 28.00 

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