You were the guardian and enforcer of the preservation of freedom.
You were part of something that was bigger than you.
It came with a great responsibility to the people of the world.
It was your purpose. Your honor. Your mission.
Share your story. Inspire others.
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One of the greatest, and proven, ways to heal is to continue to give back. There's actually a science behind it. When you give back, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine are released. 

Volunteering was a critical part in Tom and Jen's own healing process, and that of countless veterans. 

We encourage you to find a way to continue to serve. Begin. Step into something. There are no small acts of kindness.

Here are just a few organizations that can use volunteers. Also consider donating your time or services to schools, churches, shelters, or community events.  

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