Combat is not left behind on the battlefield,

it's brought into the home.


There is a war being waged in America. You won't see it on the nightly news or read about it on the front page. This war is a silent war, and the casualties are many. Our service men and women who are fighting PTS often fight that war alone. Warriors feel they need to keep quiet about what they saw and did overseas so not to effect their spouses and children, however the stress and trauma of combat can not be hidden, especially within the walls of their own homes. In recent studies spouses and children who live with combat warriors battling PTS showed similar symptoms. Divorce rates increase post-service and without proper support it will continue to rise. 


All Secure Foundation Special Operation Combat Couples Workshop Retreats are led by a marriage and trauma therapist and All Secure Foundation staff for warriors and their spouses to reconnect post-deployment or post-service.

These workshop retreats focus on strengthening the relationship and the individual through result-driven techniques, group sessions and activities, a couples date night, and action steps to continue the work back home.

All Secure Foundation fully-funds our workshop retreats (excluding travel) for combat warrior couples through corporate and online donations. Thank you for your support.



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